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Children are the Future

Greetings from Kyrene Traditional Academy Parent Teacher Organization!  We are a group of parents just like you who are interested in supporting our school while fostering a fun community environment. The role of our organization is to establish and maintain a working relationship among parents, school, and community. We share a common goal of working together towards success. We are a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization run by volunteers to support school improvement.


*Support the educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school.

*Encourage parents’ involvement in their individual children’s lives, education, class, and school.

*Organize fundraising events to support some additional programs, equipment, and services not covered in the school budget.

*Provide feedback/assist with increased awareness of school safety and security issues.

*Provide feedback and suggestions for school programs

*Support the educational goals of the school and assist with attaining those goals through parent and community volunteerism.

*Recruit volunteers and coordinate volunteer efforts to staff PTO functions and assist with school programs.

*Stay aware of legislation and political issues that may impact education and schools.

*A LOT!!!

The children of today with be the leaders of tomorrow!


Contact one of our board members (contact page)  and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can even stop us in the hall, as we’re often at school wearing our PTO badges. We promise we don’t bite! 🙂 Come talk to any one of us and get involved!


We are organized into an executive board and a number of committee chairs, each of which is responsible for the various activities and fundraisers that take place throughout the school year. Each of the positions within the PTO is handled by avolunteer parent just like you. As you can imagine, it takes many people to make these events happen, and that’s why we value your input and hope you will consider getting involved. Any amount of time is appreciated – big or small!


1. Sign up for our newsletter. This is our database of contact information that we use to communicate with parents. Even if you are unable to volunteer, we still need your information so you don’t miss out on school activities, contests, fundraisers, and prizes for your child.

2. Start saving Boxtops, and Campbells Labels,  Send them in to your child’s teacher each week. These clippings earn our school hundreds of dollars each year, so every little bit counts!

3. Register your Fry’s and TARGET REDCARD (fundraising)  so our school can earn a percentage of profits from your purchases at no cost to you! For Fry’s, please go to www.FrysCommunityRewards.com This is NEW this year. It just takes a minute to register your Fry’s card (you only need your phone number if it’s linked to your card) We are still under “Kyrene del Sureño PTO”


School Picture Day- Help with organizing students.

Fall Harvest Festival- Help planning and organizing this event.

Turkey Trot- Help preparing snacks and water for this event.

Movie Night- Help with planning and organizing this event.

Young Author’s Week- Work with visiting Author and plan event.

Friendship Dance- Help plan, organize, set up,  and clean up event.

Neon Dance- Help with organizing, setup and cleanup of this fun family event.

Variety Show- Help with organizing, setup and cleanup of this fun family event.

Parent Conferences – Plan and organize quarterly menus for teacher conferences.

Field Day- Help coordinate volunteers.

Marquee – Manage KTA’s marquee by displaying events and school functions.

Restaurant Nights – Implement fundraisers with local restaurants.

APEX Fun Run- Help organize this event with help of APEX staff.

Staff Appreciation Week – Plan and implement staff appreciation activities in May.

5th Grade Promotion/ Party- Organize activities for the 5th grade promotion celebration.

Please let us know if you would like to get involved in any of these events! Thank you!


Your Support Will Make a Difference!

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